Two ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) students have been doing a bit of teaching. They've been coaching fellow students in the skills needed for the sport of wrestling.

And this was the real thing - not the showbiz type you see on the telly. The coaching session was led by Gerard Mboungo originally from the Cameroon and Keywan Abdi from Iran. Both of them run coaching sessions in Newcastle as well as attending TyneMet. They were also helped by fellow Iranian, Mostafa Shahmohammadi. In Iran, wrestling is a hugely popular sport and more popular than football.

The coaching session was for a group of Uniformed Services students. After a vigorous warm-up and safety briefing, the students got to grapple with the experts…and each other!

Students Haley Wales and Craig Wilson were among the group. Haley said: "It was great fun to find out the basics of proper wrestling". Craig said: "It was spot-on. We do self-defence classes as part of the course, but this was quite different and hard work - I'm shattered!"

Gerard Mboungo who came to this country as an asylum seeker is now Chief Executive of Newcastle Sport For Youth Academy as well as a student at TyneMet. He said: "It was a brilliant session and the students seemed to like it. They're quick learners and very intelligent. I hope taking part in this sort of sport raises their self-esteem and confidence.\

The Uniformed Services course at TyneMet prepares students for a career in the armed forces, police or fire service.

Course leader, Mal Bowering said: "This sort of session is important for two reasons, firstly to give the students an insight into other cultures and secondly to demonstrate different types of self-defence and sporting disciplines."