TyneMet College is delighted to announce that their Uniformed Services VRQ Level 3 course has been awarded two 'Good Schools Guide Awards' for 2011.  These coveted awards recognise teaching excellence: an accolade that demonstrates the excellent teaching and learning delivered by college staff.

The Uniformed Services courses at TyneMet are the perfect springboard for students wanting a structured career.  They are specifically designed to introduce students to the various public and uniformed organisations such as the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force as well as the Prison, Police, Fire and Ambulance Services.

Students can enrol on to a Level 1 Public and Uniformed Services course, progress to a level 2 and then look at the possibility of enrolling on a Public Services (Extended Diploma) Level 3.  Alternatively, depending on experience and qualifications, students may enter a course at level 2 or 3.

Students studying on Uniformed Service Courses, more often than not, are active cadets in either the Navy, Army, Air Force or the Police.  Being a cadet enables individuals from a young age to train and learn about their chosen service, get qualifications, practical experience and progress through the ranks to undertake further challenges, responsibilities and compete in competitions.

TyneMet student, Andrew Hadison is a 16 year old Army Cadet, serving with the Heaton detachment of the 15 Brigade North East, Northumbria Army Cadets, and is currently studying on the Public Services (Extended Diploma) Level 3.  Since joining the cadets Andrew has worked hard, he is the Senior Cadet in Z Company and is Captain of the First Aid Team, his qualifications include Young Life Saver Award, Senior Life Saver and a Heart Star qualification, he teaches First Aid to other cadets and has been a winner in many local, regional and national competitions for First Aid and marksmanship.

Recently Andrew was returning home from a 'bag pack', the proceeds of which were being donated to the Army Benevolent Fund, when he was made aware of a real life emergency situation.    A metro train was stationary at West Jesmond Metro Station.  A man had collapsed on the train and an ambulance had been called and was on its way.  Without hesitation, Andrew slipped in to his medic role; he put the man in to the recovery position, checked his breathing and his airway and then assessed the man's body for injuries, he noticed abrasions to the left side of the man's head and cuts to his left hand.

Andrew waited with the man until the paramedics arrived; constantly checking that he was still breathing freely, he then he gave them an update on the man's situation and the injuries.  The paramedics thanked him and said it was important Andrew had taken control and made the man stable and safe.

Andrew said that he didn't think twice about stepping in to help, his first aid qualifications and his training were meant to be used in situations like this.

Warick Stephenson, Head of Care, Sport and Leisure, TyneMet College, said:

"I am delighted that the Uniformed Services Department have been awarded these 'Good Schools Guide Awards' for 2011.  The staff teaching these courses at TyneMet have many years experience serving in the military, police or other relevant services, their experience underpins the excellent teaching and learning delivered to our students.

I would also like to commend Andrew for keeping his cool in a tense situation; he is an ideal student and is totally focussed on getting all of the correct qualifications that will help him with his application to serve as an Officer in the Army."

It's not too late to enrol on a Uniformed Services course at TyneMet College, whether you haven't chosen a college yet or you're not sure if you have chosen the right one; TyneMet's student advisors are ready to help get you started on your perfect vocational course. Call 0191 229 5000, email enquiries@tynemet.ac.uk or visit the website www.tynemet.ac.uk for further details on the wide range of full-time courses still enrolling.