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If you're unsure about which course, direction or section of our web site is most applicable to you then we've broken it down into simple sections for you.

School leavers 16-18

If you're a school leaver, aged 16 – 18 then we have a wide range of Full-time vocational and Apprenticeship courses at our TyneMet Coast Road Campus. If you're thinking of going down the A Level route then our dedicated Sixth Form College at Queen Alexandra in North Shields is the place for you.

Adults Part-time Courses, apprenticeships & higher education

If you're an adult (over 19) and are thinking of studying a Foundation Degree, HEFD, HNC, HND or Diploma then our Higher Education section is just what you're looking for. If you've got some spare time on your hands and would like to do a part-time course then visit our Part-time courses section where you'll find a wide variety of part-time courses to help you enhance your CV, progress in your career or simply try out a new hobby.

If you'd like to study for a degree but don't have the qualifications you need then an Access to Higher Education Diploma course provides the perfect preparation to further your education at university.

Employer Workforce trainging, business services & apprenticeships

If you're an employer looking to develop the skills of your staff or if you're an employee looking to develop your own personal skill set then TyneMet provide a range of courses and services to meet your needs. Our dedicated Employer web site provides details regarding our range of business services and training solutions, here you'll find information about our work based training courses, free recruitment service, tailored training solutions and short training courses along with details of special offers like £4500 cash back for SMEs able to offer opportunities to young people aged 16-25.

How do I choose the right level?

To help you decide which course will suit you, the following definitions explain each study level and will help you choose according to you current level of knowledge and experience.

Beginners, Introduction or Step Up courses are practical course designed for those with no knowledge or a little knowledge of the subject. These courses give you an introduction and build your knowledge and skills in the subject.

Improver courses are practical courses for those who have completed a course at beginner level and continue to build on knowledge and skills learnt by beginners. These courses are suitable for those who don't feel ready to progress to intermediate just yet.

Intermediate courses are practical courses for those with two or three years' part-time study or qualifications behind them (even if it was some time ago), or those who have completed both beginners and improver courses. These courses provide a foundation for progression to an advanced course.

Advanced courses are for those reasonably confident in their skills and knowledge, e.g. people who have knowledge equivalent to a GCSE or at least four years part-time study or equivalent experience of a subject.

How do I get extra advice on courses and careers?

If you feel you need more in-depth help and advice about your learning, we provide a free, impartial advice service – contact The Gateway Team for further details.

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