6 Reasons why an Apprenticeship could benefit you

3 Progression within a business – become an essential part of a team

An apprenticeship can also help you progress within a company, as you will be working as part of a team and will have the same opportunities as the other staff such as paid holidays. Indeed employees are legally entitled to at least 20 days paid holiday a year, sick pay may also be a benefit.


4 Strengthen your CV

Another big benefit is that at the end of their qualification apprentices will have achieved a work-based qualification which might lead to further employment.

An apprenticeship can also help to strengthen your CV as you will be acquiring both skills and qualifications.


5 Build contacts

An apprenticeship can also help to build your contacts as you will be part of a team and have the opportunity to liaison with other similar companies and the management of your own.


6 Guidance and support

Furthermore, an apprenticeship offers you guidance and support as your employer must support you in regards to your qualification, you will be given ample time to complete any course work and to attend college/meetings with your tutor. If you choose to do an Apprenticeship with Tynemet you will also be supported by your tutors, who will tailor their teaching techniques to your specific learning requirements.


If you are interested in an Apprenticeship you can find out more by visiting tynemet.ac.uk/apprenticeships. Here you can find and apply for all our current live vacancies.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team please call 01912295179 or email business@tynemet.ac.uk.

Alternatively, you can search the National Apprenticeship Website





Published: 19-01-2017