A Day in the Life of a Beauty Apprentice

If I am not busy with clients I answer the phone, tidy the salon and finish any college work. I love the salon where I work as it is little but this just makes it more intimate, I feel like I am appreciated a part of the team.

I think the Apprenticeship route has been great for me, Apprenticeships in general actually, as you are learning on the job and developing your skills. You are also earning money on an Apprenticeship which makes you feel more mature and gives you an insight to adult life.

I first found out about Apprenticeships when I researched what there was to do after school. Apprenticeships appealed to me, as I learn better from watching demonstrations. I definitely feel like I chose the right option I’ve learnt so much from the Apprenticeship and have been very successful with the help of Tynemet.

I chose Tynemet as a few of my friends who had attended the college loved it. The college also had fantastic reviews for helping learners develop their skills the help you receive is amazing. I couldn’t have done it without my tutor Hannah.

One of the benefits my Apprenticeship has given me is that I have learnt so much more about Beauty, how it’s portrayed and how it’s delivered. I have learnt more practical skills than I did at school. I have learnt how to deal with money and what work life is like and honestly I couldn’t love it more.

My Apprenticeship has definitely given me more confidence to build my cliental at work. I also, couldn’t have done it without my employer, as she helped me beyond belief, believing in me to do my very best. I am so grateful.

I won Beauty Apprentice of the year which was quite a difficult competition. I was completely shocked! However, I was so appreciative and grateful because I worked so hard, I believe I earned it. There was a winner for every subject e.g. Engineering, Catering, Floristry, Hairdressing etc. I was nervous when I had to collect my Award. Honestly, when they called my name as the winner I felt like I was going to cry! All my hard work had paid off and I felt so valued. It was a great feeling. 

Overall, if you’re thinking about doing an Apprenticeship with Tynemet, do it! I made completely the right decision and look how far I’ve come. I could not be more proud of myself or more thankful to my tutor, employer and of course Tynemet.


If you are interested in an Apprenticeship you can find out more by visiting tynemet.ac.uk/apprenticeships. Here you can find and apply for all our current live vacancies.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team please call 01912295179 or email business@tynemet.ac.uk.

Alternatively, you can search the National Apprenticeship Website




Published: 01-02-2017