My Siemens Apprenticeship

Since leaving school in 2006 I was undecided on what career path to take so I decided to go straight into work, full time. I had a few different jobs to gain some valuable experience for moving forward and trying to allow me to find out what I would like to do in the future.  Working as an estate was very demanding, long hours and tiring. I decided to leave and took a job at Aviva in Norwich which is a large insurance company.

During this time I had realised that I wanted to work in within the electrical industry so I decided to enrol in a course at an engineering college but due to my working hours and owning my home I needed to study in the evening. I enrolled at a college called Eagit College which specialised in electrical and plumbing. This was a three year evening course. My goal was to work in the electrical industry but earning money and paying my mortgage was of course just as important.I managed to fulfil my expectations and pass all my exams and the Siemens Apprenticeship vacancy appeared on their website. This was a website I was keeping an eye on in case any roles became available.

I applied in February and in September 2016 I started my first day. Moving from Norwich to Newcastle was easy for me but others around me are younger and this is the first time they have lived away from home. Once settled in Newcastle the first 30 weeks is to carry out 48 written assignments on 12 different subjects ranging from engineering to maths. Now that the first year (30 weeks) has ended I look back and there was a lot of hard work and concentrating which had to go into the assignments we had but managing to pass them all and come out with an overall Distinction is extremely rewarding. The second year has just got underway and this year it is more hands on, learning new skills or touching up on previous skill sets which people may have. This could range from soldering to electrical wiring. A day within the local college would vary but having a relaxed time table for the first year was brilliant, it gave me time to get familiar with the area but also time to relax and study at home if need be.

Once this second year has been completed then we will manage to go and carry out our 6 week offshore training. Once this has been carried out then we will go to our set sites. Mine is in Norwich which will be offshore and living on a boat for two weeks at a time. Others are travel technicians so will work at different sites.

This apprenticeship scheme has taught me things I haven’t learnt before, as well as brushing up on knowledge I used back at school. Siemens allow different age ranges for their apprenticeships and in order to become a wind turbine technician this is the only route to go down. It doesn’t matter if you are unsure on what to do once you have left school and are a little older before making a decision there are still plenty of prospects out there but it may have to be done at a different stage so deciding on what to do is correct! The benefits of this type of apprenticeship are vast but you are getting paid to study and due to moving away you get accommodation supplied or if you’d rather, such as me due to my age I opted to find my own accommodation which Siemens pay towards.

If an engineering apprenticeship is something which interests you then stay tuned and another blog with some second year details…



Published: 14-07-2017