The life of a Sports Apprentice

I came across my apprenticeship by chance as I was looking for jobs however because I had no experience of working anywhere most the interviewers I seen where reluctant to take me on, so I went on the Tynemet website to see if I could find a college course for me and seen the apprenticeship tab. I then thought to myself I wonder if they have any apprenticeships for me so I sent an email enquiring if there was any sports apprenticeships and within a few days I had an email back from one of the tutors saying that there was an apprenticeship as a Health and Fitness apprentice and he got me an interview.

I think apprenticeships are a great way to get on the ladder of the world of work because you are getting all the experience required for jobs and you are getting qualifications to boost your CV along the way.

When I started my apprenticeship I was amazed by the amount of responsibility and trust was put in you, for instances in my apprenticeship in the gym while on shift I was in charge of running the gym as there is only one staff member on shift so I had roles such as: opening the gym, giving inductions, sending emails about things that need maintenance, signing members in, renewing members memberships, answer the phone, cashing up at night and locking up.

I have learnt so much from my apprenticeship and now feel like a more confident person knowing I have the ability to deal with customers and know how to operate the gym. Tynemet is a great place to work as all the staff are friendly and supportive and are always willing to help you out, all the tutors I have dealt with have been great and have helped out a lot when I have been struggling with my work.

After my apprenticeship I am going to continue climbing the ladder in the fitness world and with all the experience, knowledge and qualifications I have gained from being at Tynemet I will be able to get a well-paid job.



Published: 09-03-2017