What happens when your a sports coaching apprentice?

Tyne met has been nothing but rewarding for me so far, ranging from learning new things everyday about the role to receiving help from the more experienced coaches on how to improve sessions.

I have been welcomed with open arms into the office, definitely a sense of relief as I was feeling extremely nervous on my first day. Having not much experience as a coach I have received tips and pointers which have helped me adapt and adjust my sessions to benefit the participants, this will ensure that they have they have the best possible experience when under my supervision. The sessions have ran smoothly and efficiently so far with few to none altercations, which has been essential in building and maintaining a bond with the participants. The main objective for the session is to ensure that everyone is having fun and getting involved, additionally I give off praise and motivation in the sessions to raise self-esteem and confidence.

Another positive from the apprenticeship is the qualification that you get from it; it is a nationally recognised qualification, whilst earning money. You are always strengthening your CV, I am getting put onto courses for free and getting the certificate from that so it is a win-win situation that the college is putting me on the courses for no expense on my behalf.

The most challenging aspect of the job so far has been meeting and introducing myself to everyone, first impressions are vital as you want to be civil and friendly with everyone. With time I’m becoming more confident in conversations as well as delivering sessions on a daily basis, this has helped me express myself more and voice my opinion if necessary.

Overall, my first few months have been a pleasure and an enjoyable experience. Hopefully this will continue in the short and long term, as it will help provide the best possible “move it” sessions to the participants.


Published: 29-03-2017