Why I choose a sports apprenticeship?

I first my apprenticeship at  flex fitness'  when my boss suggested it would be a good opportunity for me to gain more experience in other gyms, as well as working more hours alongside my current job. Being aware of Tynemet’s commitment towards sport through being a past student and playing for the NESA football team convinced me to apply for the role.

 I have always enjoyed training for certain events, programmes and goals and it was this dedication and knowledge that helps me to advise other people on how to achieve their sporting/fitness goal.

I think the main reason I was attracted to an apprenticeship was because it would allow me do develop my skills and continue doing what I love. The qualifications I will gain should help my career progression further within the industry.

Working with Tynemet allows me to continue with my Personal Training and work with a variety of people of different abilities this has increased my experience and training knowledge. Sometimes I have been placed in unusual situations, where I have had to think on my feet- this is how I feel my knowledge has developed the most as I now have the ability to deal with high pressure situations. It is these high pressure situations, and variety of clientele which I enjoy most about my job.

The main skills I have developed as a result of being an apprentice have been; people skills, as clients are in and out of the gym constantly. I have really got to know the members and the gym has almost developed a community feel as a result. I have also really developed my problem solving skills and my ability to think on my feet, which can be used in everyday life and in work. 

I would recommend this type of apprenticeship to those who enjoy responsibility and being part of a team as this year a fair amount of responsibility was placed upon us as apprentices. For instance we have been placed with the responsibility to run the gym and as there is only one staff member on shift at a time it can be quite taxing. I have also taken 1-1 and group sessions this year and been in charge of cashing up and both opening and closing the gym.

The experience I have gained this year should help me progress within the industry as a result of the qualifications I have gained 


Published: 12-05-2017